The Kampala School of Luganda

We teach Luganda online to foreigners and the Ugandan Diaspora from 42$ | 39€

Why Choose the Kampala School of Luganda ?

We teach and explain Luganda in your own language

You speak English ? Lessons are in English !

You speak French ? Lessons are in French!

We adapt to your schedule

Our teachers are available 365 days per year, from 7.00 AM to 10.00 PM servicing students around the globe.

We make it easier for you to book and attend your Luganda class wherever you are.

We create a safe learning environment for you to strive

Our teachers strive to create a conductive environment to learning adapted to your level.

Practice is encouraged and with it, errors because they are a necessary step towards success.

We use a consistent learning structure

The Luganda language is so different from Western languages that it is necessary to have specific courses to understand how it works.

Who enrolls for the Luganda Proficiency programs ?

Children (6-18 years)

We teach the children of Ugandans living in the diaspora using a curriculum adapted to their age.

The curriculum includes : reading, listening, speaking and writing lessons. In addition, children are encouraged to speak Luganda at home with their parents or in class with other children.

Uganda diaspora

2nd and 3rd generation immigrants born in the Uganda diaspora suffers from not being able to communicate in the language of their parents. Often when they want to learn Luganda, they sometimes face mockery and other form of emotional abuse that lead to discouragement and abandonment. We understand their needs and we are equipped to satisfy them based on our successful experience.


Whether you want to learn Luganda to communicate with your spouse or in-laws; or you are doing business in Uganda and work with Uganda; or simply out of a spirit of discovery and curiosity, we can help you !

We have a long experience teaching foreigners online.

How the online school works ?

Experienced teachers

All our teachers are trilingual in Luganda, French and English. They teach Luganda in the language you are the most comfortable with.

They are specifically trained to make Luganda easier to understand for foreigners and Ugandan diaspora. 90% of our teachers are published authors.

Online Learning platform

Our learning platform Amasomo gives you access to more than 200 hours of pre-recorded lessons in video, audio and digital book formats. When you join the program you have access to the platform 24/7.

Structured curriculum

We created a special curriculum with specific lessons for teaching foreigners, Uganda diaspora and children with a focus on grammar, spelling, syntax of the Luganda language online.

Having a clear curriculum make it easier for our students to achieve their goals in Luganda.

Books & Learning materials

We publish Luganda learning material and books distributed globally. Our books are the basis of our programs and cover a wide range of topics.

  • Luganda for foreigners
  • Verbs in Luganda
  • Learn Luganda with images

Engaging Lessons

Our lessons are designed to last between 40-60 minutes.

  • Type A are mostly grammar, conjugation and theoritical lessons needed to understand every aspect of Luganda
  • Type B are Practical lessons designed to revise by doing online exercises
  • Type C are Communication/Conversation sessions in which the student practice Luganda in various real life situations.

Practical exercises

We use an online quiz and examination system to assess your progress and ensure that you stay on track. The quiz and exercise’s platform allows you to self-yourself.

You can practice your Luganda both in-class and outside, with the teacher or alone, with your friends or family from anywhere and at any time.

Choose your learning plan

4 hours Lessons

Affordable and manageable for all

42$ | 39€

  • Small group lessons
  • taught in English by native teachers
  • Lessons during the week-ends
  • 8 slots available Saturday and Sunday (Morning, Afternoon, Evening and Night)
  • Learning materials include audios, texts, videos and online exercises
  • Level at the end of the program : B1 “Advanced/Strong”

7 hours lessons

great flexibility for personnalised learning with dedicated teachers

79$ | 73€

  • Private 1-to-1 lessons
  • Dedicated teacher
  • Lessons at the time you want within the working hours : Tuesday to Sunday between 11.00 AM and 10.00 PM


  • NEW! Certificate of Completion in Luganda
  • Level at the end of the program : B1 “Advanced/Strong” -B2 “Advanced/Fluent”
  • Average completion timeframe : 12 months


  • All the learning materials available in audio, text, video formats
  • Online exercises + corrections provided

unlimited lessons

Best value for money with all the advantages

139$ | 127€

  • Private 1-to-1 lessons
  • Dedicated teacher
  • NEW! As many lessons as you want
  • NEW! Lessons at the time you want
  • Delivered 7/7 – Monday to Sunday between 8.00 AM and 11.59 PM


  • NEW! Certificate of Proficiency in Luganda
  • Level at the end of the program : B2 “Advanced/Fluent”
  • Average completion timeframe : 6-7 months


  • All the learning materials available in audio, text, video and slide formats
  • NEW! Downloadable lesson slides


  • NEW! FREE 4 books included
  • NEW! FREE 4 hours virtual assistance in Luganda

Start your learning journey today!